8" Honda Accord Vehicle Specific
Navigation/Multimedia/Bluetooth/Trip Information

Fits 2008~2011 Honda Accord EX & LX Models

  • 8" WVGA (800*480) TFT-LCD (Digital) Monitor (24bit 16M true color display)
  • CPU: AU1250 700Mhz (Extends the strengths of the existing Alchemy processor into a broad range of digital media applications. High speed, Full speed and OTG(On The Go)
  • OS : Microsoft Windows® CE 5.0 Core
  • MAE Hardware media decoder
    • MAE (Media Acceleration Engine) Hardware CODEC
    • Support Multiple Codec formats including: MPEG2 Main Profile/Main Level
    • MPEG4 Advanced Simple Profile/Level 5
    • WMV9 Medium Profile
  • Designed to support full size decode (720*480/30fps): D1 720*480 NTSC or 720*576 PAL
  • SDHC v2.0 : SDHC 2.0 Standard support
  • I-Memory: NAND 128MB/DDR2 256MB
  • E-Memory: SD 4~32GB (SDHC STD)
  • Built-in FM Transmitter)
  • IR Remote control Receiver
  • Video decoder IC: TW8816 (Real time view)
  • Video encoder IC: CH7026A-TF (AV Out, Rear Monitor)
  • Audio codec IC: WM9715 (with TSP Control)
  • Built-In Navigation with Text-to-Speech
  • ATSC-MH Digital TV Tuner : External ATSC-MH Digital TV Tuner support (Optional)
  • Analog TV Tuner Support (Optional)
  • Play Video, Audio and View Photos
  • Utility: Poker game, Bio rhythm check, Scheduler, World time, Calculator
  • iPod/iPhone interface (View & Control)
  • File manager capability
  • 2 Audio/Video Inputs (AV IN & Rear CAM)
  • Built-in USB 2.0 : USB 1.1 Host Control, USB 2.0 Device Control with OTG
  • PIP Multi-tasking Capability
    • Map & TV, Movie, iPOD video: Mini & Half size, Full size fore-back
    • Map & MP3, iPod audio, Bluetooth music: Mini size & Full size fore-back
  • Display information for Air Conditioner/Temperature (EX Model Only), CD, Radio etc.